Course Features

Easiest Defensive Driving Course

We offer the easiest driving safety course in Texas. Here are the reasons:

  • There is no final exam.
  • The quizzes are extremely easy and you do not have to retake the lesson if you score below 70% on a quiz. Just take the quiz again.
  • The audio or read along option will make the course effortless. Moreover you can play fun games while you hear the lessons.
  • All you need to do is spend only 5 hours on the course and you are on you way to dismissing your speeding ticket and/or lowering your auto insurance premium.
  • There is a timer on each lesson to indicate the amount of time you have spent on the lesson. Once you spend the minimum time required by law you may move on to the next lesson.

Permission to take a driving safety course is granted by the court listed on your traffic citation. If you have any questions involving this matter or any interpretation of Texas law, it is advisable that you consult with an attorney or with the court that has jurisdiction of the case.

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